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Offspring sex ratios in relation to mutual ornamentation and extra-pair paternity in the Black Swan Cygnus atratus

Ken Kraaijeveld, Ma Ming, Jan Komdeur, Raoul A Mulder

IBIS | WILEY-BLACKWELL | Published : 2007


In sexually dichromatic birds, females may adaptively adjust the sex ratio of their offspring prior to hatching in relation to male ornamentation, for example, by producing more sons when paired to a highly attractive partner. However, to our knowledge no studies have investigated offspring sex ratio modification in species in which both sexes are ornamented, and it is unknown whether such a process would be adaptive. Here we examine variation in offspring sex ratio in the mutually ornamented Black Swan Cygnus atratus. Brood sex ratio was not related to the degree of ornament elaboration in either parent, or to extra-pair paternity. We suggest that parental attractiveness may not be inherite..

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