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Transient responses of a wetting film to mechanical and electrical perturbations

Rogerio Manica, Jason N Connor, Lucy Y Clasohm, Steven L Carnie, Roger G Horn, Derek YC Chan



This article reports real-time observations and detailed modeling of the transient response of thin aqueous films bounded by a deformable surface to external mechanical and electrical perturbations. Such films, tens to hundreds of nanometers thick, are confined between a molecularly smooth mica plate and a deformable mercury/electrolyte interface on a protuberant drop at a sealed capillary tube. When the mercury is negatively charged, the water forms a wetting film on mica, stabilized by electrical double layer forces. Mechanical perturbations are produced by driving the mica plate toward or by retracting the mica plate from the mercury surface. Electrical perturbations are applied to change..

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