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Expression and localization of P2 nucleotide receptor subtypes during development of the lateral ventricular choroid plexus of the rat

PA Johansson, G Burnstock, KM Dziegielewska, E Guida, P McIntyre, NR Saunders

European Journal of Neuroscience | WILEY | Published : 2007


The choroid plexuses secrete cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and regulate the brain's internal environment via the blood-CSF barrier. The permeability properties of the blood-CSF interface have been studied previously in adult and immature brains, however, little is known about the development of CSF secretion and its modulation. ATP influences secretion in other epithelia via ionotropic P2X or metabotropic P2Y receptors. P2 receptors have frequently been found to be down-regulated in the postnatal period, suggesting a developmental role for purinergic and pyrimidine signalling. The present study investigated the expression of P2 receptors in lateral ventricular choroid plexus in relation to recen..

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