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Investigating the Performance of Alternative Default-Risk Models: Option-Based Versus Accounting-Based Approaches

P Gharghori, H Chan, R Faff

Australian Journal of Management | Published : 2006


In this paper we evaluate the performance of three alternate default-risk models, seeking to find that measure which performs best, using a comprehensive sample drawn from the Australian equities market. The first two models are option-based models and are derived from Merton's (1974) insight that equity can be viewed as a call option on a firm's assets. In the first model, equity is modelled as a standard call option. In the second model, equity is modelled as a path-dependent barrier option. The third model is created using accounting ratios and is similar to Altman's (1968) Z-Score. To assess which of the models is superior, we consider variations of each model and then rely on prediction..

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