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Effect of ozone and Tooth Mousse (TM) on the efficacy of peroxide bleaching

DJ Manton, R Bhide, MS Hopcraft, EC Reynolds



BACKGROUND: The aim of this in vitro study was to investigate the effect of Tooth Mousse and ozone on the bleaching effectiveness of peroxide (P). METHODS: Sixty enamel specimens were stained by tea infusion. P (8% carbamide peroxide solution) and the P/TM (50:50) blend were prepared freshly as required. The specimens were divided randomly into six groups: Group A - ozone followed by P; Group B - ozone concurrently with P; Group C - P alone; Group D - ozone followed by P/TM; Group E - ozone concurrently with P/TM; and Group F - P/TM alone. Ozone exposure was of 40 seconds duration. Digital photographic images were recorded at baseline and endpoint under standardized lighting and desiccation ..

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