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Mental health literacy survey of psychiatrically and generally trained nurses employed in a Singapore psychiatric hospital.

SG Yeo, G Parker, R Mahendran, AF Jorm, HL Yap, C Lee, MI Loh

International Journal of Nursing Practice | Published : 2001


Mental health literacy studies consider the capacity of respondents to recognize certain psychiatric disorders, judge the comparative utility of a range of interventions, and make estimates about outcome and prognostic issues. We report such a study involving a sample of nursing staff employed at a large psychiatric institution in Singapore, and who were provided with separate brief vignettes of mania, schizophrenia and depression. Subjects were highly accurate in 'diagnosing' schizophrenia, less accurate for depression and even less accurate in diagnosing mania. Depression was alternately diagnosed as stress, mania was most commonly misdiagnosed as schizophrenia, and for both psychotic cond..

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