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Selection of Brassica rapa genotypes for tolerance to boron toxicity

S Kaur, ME Nicolas, R Ford, RM Norton, PWJ Taylor

PLANT AND SOIL | SPRINGER | Published : 2006


Although boron (B) is a micronutrient essential for the growth of vascular plants, it reduces growth and seed yield when present in excessive amounts. A hydroponic assay of nineteen Brassica rapa genotypes resulted in the identification of two tolerant genotypes, WWY Sarson and Local at a range of boron concentrations (15-165 μM). The most tolerant and sensitive genotypes were assessed for shoot boron concentrations in a soil assay with 4, 29 and 54 mg B kg-1 soil. The soil assay confirmed the results of the hydroponic screening. Shoot boron uptake was at least three times lower and shoot boron concentrations about 10 times lower in the tolerant than sensitive genotypes, indicating that boro..

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