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Editorial: When do repeated intrusions become stalking?

R Purcell, M Pathe, PE Mullen

Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology | ROUTLEDGE JOURNALS, TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD | Published : 2004


Stalking is a prevalent crime which can significantly compromise the victim's quality of life. It occurs when one person repeatedly inflicts on another unwanted contacts or communications which induce fear. Many of the behaviours associated with stalking overlap with common, albeit irritating, experiences (e.g. being persistently telephoned or approached for a date). The difficulty for victims is recognizing the difference between brief episodes of intrusiveness or social awkwardness, and the beginnings of a more persistent campaign of harassment. This study sought to define empirically the foremost juncture at which instances of intrusiveness can be distinguished from persistent stalking wh..

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