Journal article

Regulation of transforming growth factor-beta signaling.

HJ Zhu, AW Burgess

Molecular Cell Biology Research Communications | Published : 2001


Members of transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta) family are potent regulators of multiple cellular functions, including cell proliferation, differentiation, migration, organization, and death. Yet the signaling pathways underpinning a wide array of biological activities of TGF-beta appear to be deceptively simple. At every step from TGF-beta secretion to activation of its target genes, the activity of TGF-beta is regulated tightly, both positively and negatively. Biologically active TGF-beta is cleaved from a precursor protein (latent form) and multiple process factors control the levels of active TGF-beta. The efficient secretion, correct folding and deposition to the extracellular mat..

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