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The nature of abnormal language processing in euthymic bipolar I disorder: evidence for a relationship between task demand and prefrontal function

Vivienne A Curtis, Jill M Thompson, Marc L Seal, Paul J Monks, Adrian J Lloyd, Louise Harrison, Michael J Brammer, Steve CR Williams, Robin M Murray, Allan H Young, I Nicol Ferrier

BIPOLAR DISORDERS | WILEY | Published : 2007


OBJECTIVES: Abnormal language processing is a consistent finding in bipolar disorder (BD). We used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to investigate the core components of language processing as well as the impact of task demand in a group of bipolar subjects. METHODS: Twelve euthymic dextral male BD I participants receiving lithium monotherapy were matched with 12 controls. Groups were matched for age, years of education and estimated premorbid IQ. We employed a factorial design manipulating task demand (decision versus fluency) and task domain (phonetic versus semantic) to investigate differences in language processing between groups and across different task domains and requirem..

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