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Effects of a simple plant morphological mutation on the arthropod community and the impacts of predators on a principal insect herbivore

CE Rutledge, AP Robinson, SD Eigenbrode

OECOLOGIA | SPRINGER | Published : 2003


Plant features that enhance predator effectiveness can be considered extrinsic-resistance factors because they result in reduced insect herbivory. In this paper we test the hypothesis that reduced epicuticular wax (EW) in Pisum sativum L. is an extrinsic-resistance factor contributing to field resistance to Acyrthosiphon pisum (Harris). We monitored pea aphid populations in the field on reduced EW and normal EW near isolines of peas for two seasons and confirmed that aphid populations are lower on reduced EW peas than on normal EW peas. We also monitored predators within the canopies of the two pea lines to discover community level patterns in response to differences in EW. We found that whi..

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