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A functional MRI study of working memory task in euthymic bipolar disorder: evidence for task-specific dysfunction

PJ Monks, JM Thompson, ET Bullmore, J Suckling, MJ Brammer, SCR Williams, A Simmons, N Giles, AJ Lloyd, CL Harrison, M Seal, RM Murray, IN Ferrier, AH Young, VA Curtis

BIPOLAR DISORDERS | WILEY | Published : 2004


OBJECTIVES: Even when euthymic bipolar disorder patients can have persistent deficits in working memory, but the neural basis of this deficit remains unclear. We undertook an functional magnetic resonance imaging investigation of euthymic bipolar disorder patients performing two working memory paradigms; the two-back and Sternberg tasks, selected to examine the central executive and the phonological loop respectively. We hypothesized that neuronal dysfunction would be specific to the network underlying the executive rather than the phonological loop component of working memory. METHODS: Twelve right-handed euthymic bipolar I males receiving lithium carbonate monotherapy were matched with 12 ..

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