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Genome-wide linkage analysis of longitudinal phenotypes using sigma(2)(A) random effects (SSARs) fitted by Gibbs sampling

LJ Palmer, KJ Scurrah, M Tobin, SR Patel, JC Celedon, PR Burton, ST Weiss

BMC GENETICS | BMC | Published : 2003


The study of change in intermediate phenotypes over time is important in genetics. In this paper we explore a new approach to phenotype definition in the genetic analysis of longitudinal phenotypes. We utilized data from the longitudinal Framingham Heart Study Family Cohort to investigate the familial aggregation and evidence for linkage to change in systolic blood pressure (SBP) over time. We used Gibbs sampling to derive sigma-squared-A-random-effects (SSARs) for the longitudinal phenotype, and then used these as a new phenotype in subsequent genome-wide linkage analyses. Additive genetic effects (sigma2A.time) were estimated to account for approximately 9.2% of the variance in the rate of..

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