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Changes in skeletal muscle GLUT4 content and muscle membrane glucose transport following 6 weeks of exercise training.

LJ McCutcheon, RJ Geor, KW Hinchcliff

Equine Vet J Suppl | Published : 2002


This study examined changes in skeletal muscle GLUT4 content and glucose transport in isolated muscle membranes (GT) from horses before and 2 min after standardised submaximal exercise tests (SET) prior to and after completion of 6 weeks of training. Seven horses, age 3-9 years, body mass mean +/- s.e. 530 +/- 19 kg, and sedentary for at least 4 months, completed 6 weeks of training on a treadmill. An initial SET (UT) was performed on a 4 degree incline at a speed equivalent to 55% of pretraining VO2max and was repeated post-training at the same absolute workload (ABS). A third SET (REL) was performed at 55% of post-training VO2max. There was no significant pre- to postexercise change in GLU..

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