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Taxonomic characterization of Haloferax sp. (" H. alicantei") strain Aa 2.2: description of Haloferax lucentensis sp. nov.

M Carmen Gutierrez, Masahiro Kamekura, Melissa L Holmes, Michael L Dyall-Smith, Antonio Ventosa

Extremophiles | Published : 2002


An extremely halophilic archaeon, previously named as Haloferax sp. strain Aa 2.2 or "Haloferax alicantei" that has been extensively used for genetic studies with halobacteria, was taxonomically characterized by using phenotypic tests (including morphological, physiological, biochemical and nutritional features), DNA-DNA hybridization and 16S rRNA sequence phylogenetic analysis. This organism was isolated in 1986 by Torreblanca et al. from a pond of a Spanish saltern located in Alicante. The cells were pleomorphic, Gram negative and grew optimally at 25% NaCl. The polar lipid composition was similar to that of species of the genus Haloferax. The DNA G+C content of this strain was 64.5 mol%. ..

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