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Aberrant Sensorimotor Integration in Musicians' Cramp Patients

Vanessa K Lim, John L Bradshaw, Michael ER Nicholls, Ian J Kirk, Jeff P Hamm, Michael Grossbach, Eckart Altenmüller

Psychophysiology | Hogrefe Publishing Group | Published : 2003


AbstractSimple tapping and complex movements (Luria finger apposition task) were performed unimanually and bimanually by two groups of professional guitarists while EEG was recorded from electrodes over the sensorimotor cortex. One group had a task-specific movement disorder (focal dystonia or musicians' cramp), while the other group did not (controls). There were no significant group interactions in the task-related power (TRPow) within the alpha range of 8-10Hz (mu1). In contrast, there was a significant group interaction within the alpha range of 10-12Hz (mu2); these latter frequencies are associated with task-specific sensorimotor integration. The significant group interaction included t..

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