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Performance and stability of ethanologenic Escherichia coli strain FBR5 during continuous culture on xylose and glucose

Gregory JO Martin, Andreas Knepper Bin Zhou, Neville B Pamment

Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology | SPRINGER HEIDELBERG | Published : 2006


Escherichia coli FBR5 containing recombinant genes for ethanol production on plasmids that are also required for anaerobic growth was cultivated continuously on 50 g/l xylose or glucose in the absence of antibiotics and without the use of special measures to limit the entry of oxygen into the fermenter. Under chemostat conditions, stable ethanol yields of ca. 80-85% of the theoretical were obtained on both sugars over 26 days at dilution rates of 0.045/h (xylose) and 0.075/h (glucose), with average plasmid retention rates of 96% (xylose) and 97% (glucose). In a continuous fluidized bed fermenter, with the cells immobilized on porous glass beads, the extent of plasmid retention by the free ce..

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