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Validity and Reliability of the Behavioural Assessment Tool for Cognition and Higher Function (BATCH) in Neuropsychiatric Patients

Kathryn Miller, Mark Walterfang, Sharan Randhawa, Amelia Scholes, Ramon Mocellin, Dennis Velakoulis

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry | SAGE Publications | Published : 2007


Objective: Patients with mental health disorders frequently have difficulties with their cognitive functioning. Assessment of cognition in this population can be complicated by psychiatric symptomatology, making standard written and verbal assessment methods difficult. In these situations, observations by nursing and allied staff of patients’ routine activities provide an important source of information about cognitive ability. The Behavioural Assessment Tool for Cognition and Higher Function (BATCH) was developed to record observations of patients’ daily functioning under subheadings that reflect cognitive domains. Its capacity to provide a measure of cognitive function through observationa..

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