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Evaluation of the World Health Organization standard tourniquet test and a modified tourniquet test in the diagnosis of dengue infection in Viet Nam

CXT Phuong, NT Nhan, B Wills, R Kneen, NTT Ha, TTT Mai, TTT Huynh, DTK Lien, T Solomon, JA Simpson, NJ White, JJ Farrar



OBJECTIVES: A positive tourniquet test is one of several clinical parameters considered by the World Health Organization to be important in the diagnosis of dengue haemorrhagic fever, but no formal evaluation of the test has been undertaken. As many doctors remain unconvinced of its usefulness, this study was designed to assess the diagnostic utility of both the standard test and a commonly employed modified test. METHODS: A prospective evaluation of the standard sphygmomanometer cuff tourniquet test, compared with a simple elastic cuff tourniquet test, was carried out in 1136 children with suspected dengue infection admitted to a provincial paediatric hospital in southern Viet Nam. RESULTS:..

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