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Carbohydrate ingestion reduces skeletal muscle acetylcarnitine availability but has no effect on substrate phosphorylation at the onset of exercise in man

MJ Watt, GJF Heigenhauser, T Stellingwerff, M Hargreaves, LL Spriet



This study investigated the effect of reduced acetylcarnitine availability on oxidative metabolism during the transition from rest to steady-state exercise. Eight male subjects completed two randomised exercise trials at 68 % of the peak rate of O(2) uptake (V((O(2)),peak)). On one occasion subjects ingested 1 g (kg body mass)(-1) glucose 75 min prior to exercise (CHO), whereas the other trial acted as a control (CON). Muscle samples were obtained pre- and 75 min post-ingestion, and following 1 and 10 min of exercise. Plasma glucose and insulin were elevated (P < 0.05), and plasma free fatty acids (FFA) were lower at the onset of exercise in CHO. Acetylcarnitine (CON, 4.8 +/- 1.8; CHO, 1.5 +..

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