Journal article

The broad ligament: A review of its anatomy and development in different species and hormonal environments

A Miller, MKH Hong, JM Hutson

CLINICAL ANATOMY | WILEY | Published : 2004


The broad ligament is a double fold of peritoneum forming a mesentery for the human female genital tract. We investigated the anatomy of the broad ligament in different species and its hormonal regulation to determine if it had a role in gonadal positioning. The medical and veterinary literature was reviewed for descriptions of broad ligament anatomy and development. In addition, four adult female rats were dissected to compare the macroscopic anatomy of the broad ligament with any homologous structures in the male (n = 2). Detailed review was made of human males with persistent Müllerian duct syndrome (PMDS) and of bovine freemartin calves to determine the effect of abnormal hormonal enviro..

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