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The clitoris: A unified structure. Histology of the clitoral glans, body, crura and bulbs

HE O'Connell, CR Anderson, RJ Plenter, JM Hutson

Urodinamica | Published : 2004


A series of detailed dissections and histological observations were performed on clitoral and bulbar tissues from both fresh and embalmed cadavers. The clitoral body, crura and bulbs all contained cavernous tissue. The clitoral body and crura, but not the bulbs, were invested in a dense layer of connective tissue, which extended to divide the body sagitally. Around the clitoral body, most prominent anteriorly, lay large neurovascular bundles. The glans of the clitoris contained minimal spongy tissue but many prominent nerve trunks. The bulbs were intimately associated with the Bartholin's glands and ducts. Histologically, the clitoral body, crura and bulbs were cavernous structures containin..

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