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The prone sleeping position impairs arousability in term infants

RSC Horne, D Ferens, AM Watts, J Vitkovic, B Lacey, S Andrew, SM Cranage, B Chau, TM Adamson



OBJECTIVE: To investigate whether the prone sleeping position impaired arousal from sleep in healthy infants and whether this impairment was related to cardiorespiratory variables, temperature, or age. STUDY DESIGN: Healthy term infants (n = 24) were studied with daytime polysomnography on 3 occasions: 2 to 3 weeks after birth, 2 to 3 months after birth, and 5 to 6 months after birth. Multiple measurements of arousal threshold (cm H(2)O) in response to air-jet stimulation applied alternately to the nares were made in both active sleep and quiet sleep when infants slept both prone and supine. RESULTS: Arousal thresholds were significantly higher in both active sleep and quiet sleep when infan..

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