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Efficacy of breast milk expression using an electric breast pump.

Leon R Mitoulas, Ching Tat Lai, Lyle C Gurrin, Michael Larsson, Peter E Hartmann

Journal of Human Lactation | Published : 2002


The authors compared breastfeeding and expression characteristics in 30 mothers of exclusively breastfeeding, healthy term infants. Mean (+/- SD) volume per breastfeed from one breast was 71.8 +/- 26.3 mL, and mean duration per breastfeed for one breast was 16.6 +/- 10.5 minutes. Mean volume of milk expressed in 5 minutes from one breast was 60.6 +/- 39.0 mL and corresponded to the expression of 99.4 +/- 82.6% of the milk stored in the breast. The rate of milk expression differed greatly between mothers (P = .0001) but remained constant for the first 2.5 minutes before decreasing with time (P = .0001). These results show the mean breastfeed volume was similar to the volume of milk expressed ..

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