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Thermal tolerance trade-offs associated with the right arm of chromosome 3 and marked by the hsr-omega gene in Drosophila melanogaster

AR Anderson, JE Collinge, AA Hoffmann, M Kellett, SW McKechnie



Drosophila melanogaster occurs in diverse climatic regions and shows opposing clinal changes in resistance to heat and resistance to cold along a 3000 km latitudinal transect on the eastern coast of Australia. We report here on variation at a polymorphic 8 bp-indel site in the heat shock hsr-omega gene that maps to the right arm of chromosome 3. The frequency of the genetic element marked by the L form of the gene was strongly and positively associated with latitude along this transect, and latitudinal differences in L frequency were robustly associated with latitudinal differences in maximum temperature for the hottest month. On a genetic background mixed for genes from each end of the clin..

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