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Levels of variation in stress resistance in Drosophila among strains, local populations, and geographic regions: Patterns for desiccation, starvation, cold resistance, and associated traits

AA Hoffmann, R Hallas, C Sinclair, P Mitrovski



Stress resistance traits in Drosophila often show clinal variation. Although these patterns suggest selection, there is generally no attempt to test how large differences at the geographical level are relative to levels of variation within and between local populations. Here we compare these levels in D. melanogaster from temperate Tasmania versus tropical northern Queensland by focusing on adult resistance to desiccation, cold and starvation stress, as well as associated traits (size, lipid content). For starvation and desiccation resistance, levels of variation were highest among strains from the same population. whereas there was little differentiation among local populations and a low le..

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