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Shifting clinal patterns and microsatellite variation in Drosophila serrata populations: a comparison of populations near the southern border of the species range

A Magiafoglou, ME Carew, AA Hoffmann

Journal of Evolutionary Biology | BLACKWELL PUBLISHING LTD | Published : 2002


Geographical patterns for quantitative traits in Drosophila and other insects are commonly used to investigate climatic selection. They are usually determined from comparisons of populations over extensive areas and based on one collection per population. Here we consider patterns in the Australian endemic species Drosophila serrata established over a shorter transect with repeated sampling. Summer (prewinter) and spring (post-winter) collections were made from 10 to 14 localities, incorporating the southern border of D. serrata and extending approximately 1000 km northwards along the eastern coast of Australia. Linear or curvilinear associations with latitude were evident for development ti..

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