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A Secure Group Agreement (SGA) protocol for peer-to-peer applications

AB Corman, P Schachte, V Teague

AINAW '07: Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops/Symposia | Published : 2007


The lack of a trusted central authority poses a unique security challenge to peer-to-peer networks. It must be assumed that some fraction of all peers in a network are corrupt and may collude to try to derive an advantage. Nonetheless, in some circumstances it is necessary to select a subset of the peer-to-peer network in such a way that all members of the selected group can be confident that most group members are honest. We propose a secure protocol for the selection of a subset of peers from the network without a trusted authority. Our protocol ensures, with any desired probability, that the percentage of corrupt members in the subset is no greater than a selected limit (up to the total p..

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