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Physiological impact of increased expression of the AT(1) angiotensin receptor

TH Le, HS Kim, AM Allen, RF Spurney, O Smithies, TM Coffman



To test the effect of increased AT1 receptor expression on blood pressure, we used gene targeting to generate mouse lines with a tandem duplication of the AT1A receptor gene locus (Agtr1a) along with >10 kb of 5' flanking DNA. By successive breeding, we generated mice with 3 and 4 copies of the Agtr1a gene locus on an inbred 129/Sv background. AT1A mRNA expression and AT1-specific binding of 125I-angiotensin II were increased in proportion to Agtr1a gene copy number. These animals survived in expected numbers, and their body, heart, and kidney weights were similar to wild-type, 2-copy control mice. Pressor responses to angiotensin II were blunted in the 4-copy mice compared with control mice..

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