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Experimental and numerical study of an air assisted fuel injector for a D.I.S.I. Engine

AA Boretti, SH Jin, G Zakis, MJ Brear, W Attard, H Watson, H Carlisle, W Bryce

SAE Technical Papers | Published : 2007


The transient behaviour of the fuel spray from an air assisted fuel injector has been investigated both numerically and experimentally in a Constant Volume Chamber (CVC) and an optical engine. This two phase injector is difficult to analyse numerically and experimentally because of the strong coupling between the gas and liquid phases. The gas driven atomization of liquid fuel involves liquid film formation, separation and break up and also liquid droplet coalescence, break up, splashing, bouncing, evaporation and collision. Furthermore, the liquid phase is the dominant phase in many regions within the injector. Experimental results are obtained by using Mie scattering, Laser Induced Fluores..

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