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Changes in insulin, glucose and ketone bodies, but not leptin or body fat content precede restoration of luteinising hormone secretion in ewes

LA Szymanski, JE Schneider, MI Friedman, H Ji, Y Kurose, D Blache, A Rao, FR Dunshea, IJ Clarke



The reproductive system, including pulsatile luteinising hormone (LH) secretion, is inhibited by deficits in energy availability and restored by energy surfeits. Plasma LH, insulin, leptin, ghrelin, glucose, ketone body, and nonesterified fatty acid concentrations were measured in ovariectomised, food-restricted ewes before and after return to ad libitum feeding to determine the factors that change in time to account for the restoration of pulsatile LH secretion. At 07.00 h, blood was sampled every 10 min for 5 h from ovariectomised, hypogonadotrophic, chronically food-restricted and ad libitum-fed ewes (Fed). At 12.00 h, four of the food-restricted sheep were given ad libitum access to food..

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