Journal article

A-type magmatism in the Western Lachlan fold belt? A study of granites and rhyolites from the Grampians region, Western Victoria

J Hergt, J Woodhead, A Schofield

LITHOS | ELSEVIER | Published : 2007


The Victoria Valley Batholith, a granite-rhyolite complex of unusual composition, was emplaced in the Grampians-Stavely Zone of western Victoria at 396 Ma. Petrographic and geochemical features of the suite share important similarities with A-type magmas and we propose that they be classified as such. The close association between metaluminous to weakly peraluminous A-types and peralkaline granites within the Victoria Valley suite requires that, at least in some cases, these lithologies should be grouped together as part of a single A-type suite. This relationship is not necessarily a magmatic one as at least some of the peralkaline rocks in this suite appear to be the result of hydrothermal..

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