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Limitations and applications of ICA for surface electromyogram.

D Djuwari, DK Kumar, GR Naik, SP Arjunan, M Palaniswami

Electromyogr Clin Neurophysiol | Published : 2006


Surface electromyogram (SEMG) has numerous applications, but the presence of artefacts and noise, especially at low level of muscle activity make the recordings unreliable. Spectral and temporal overlap can make the removal of artefacts and noise, or separation of relevant signals from other bioelectric signals extremely difficult. Individual muscles may be considered as independent at the local level and this makes an argument for separating the signals using independent component analysis (ICA). In the recent past, due to the easy availability of ICA tools, numbers of researchers have attempted to use ICA for this application. This paper reports research conducted to evaluate the use of IC..

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