Journal article

Australian sexual health practitioners' use of chaperones for genital examinations: a survey of attitudes and practice

Danielle C Newton, Christopher K Fairley, Richard Teague, Basil Donovan, Francis J Bowden, Jade Bilardi, Marian Pitts, Marcus Y Chen



OBJECTIVES: To examine the current practice and attitudes of Australian sexual health practitioners towards the use of chaperones for genital examinations. METHODS: In July 2006, an anonymous, self-completed questionnaire was mailed to members of the Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine. RESULTS: Of the 166 questionnaires sent to practitioners, 110 (66%) were returned completed. Of the 110 respondents, only 9% and 19% reported that their clinic routinely provided chaperones for all male and female genital examinations, respectively. Among practitioners whose services did not offer chaperones routinely, chaperones were offered with a mean frequency of 19% for female examinations and..

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