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Alpha2beta1 integrin affects metastatic potential of ovarian carcinoma spheroids by supporting disaggregation and proteolysis.

Kristy Shield, Clyde Riley, Michael A Quinn, Gregory E Rice, Margaret L Ackland, Nuzhat Ahmed

J Carcinog | Published : 2007


BACKGROUND: Ovarian cancer is characterized by a wide-spread intra-abdominal metastases which represents a major clinical hurdle in the prognosis and management of the disease. A significant proportion of ovarian cancer cells in peritoneal ascites exist as multicellular aggregates or spheroids. We hypothesize that these cellular aggregates or spheroids are invasive with the capacity to survive and implant on the peritoneal surface. This study was designed to elucidate early inherent mechanism(s) of spheroid survival, growth and disaggregation required for peritoneal metastases METHODS: In this study, we determined the growth pattern and adhesive capacity of ovarian cancer cell lines (HEY and..

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