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Investigating a persistent coccidiosis problem on a commercial broiler-breeder farm utilising PCR-coupled capillary electrophoresis

Genevieve M Morris, Wayne G Woods, D Grant Richards, Robin B Gasser



In the present study, we utilised a polymerase-chain-reaction-coupled capillary electrophoresis (CE) approach to investigate the epidemiology of Eimeria species on a broiler-breeder farm in Victoria, Australia. The Eimeria populations of two flocks vaccinated against coccidiosis were followed over an 11-week period. All seven recognised Eimeria species of chickens were detected in both flocks. One flock suffered increased morbidity and mortality in its eighth week and had consistently higher Eimeria oocyst counts, species prevalences and rates of co-infections. Four Eimeria species included in the vaccine administered occurred at higher prevalences before the disease outbreak in the flock. U..

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