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Cardiac tissue engineering in an in vivo vascularized chamber

Andrew N Morritt, Susan K Bortolotto, Rodney J Dilley, XiaoLian Han, Andrew R Kompa, David McCombe, Christine E Wright, Silviu Itescu, James A Angus, Wayne A Morrison



BACKGROUND: Cardiac tissue engineering offers the prospect of a novel treatment for acquired or congenital heart defects. We have created vascularized pieces of beating cardiac muscle in the rat that are as thick as the adult rat right ventricle wall. METHOD AND RESULTS: Neonatal rat cardiomyocytes in Matrigel were implanted with an arteriovenous blood vessel loop into a 0.5-mL patented tissue-engineering chamber, located subcutaneously in the groin. Chambers were harvested 1, 4, and 10 weeks after insertion. At 4 and 10 weeks, all constructs that grew in the chambers contracted spontaneously. Immunostaining for alpha-sarcomeric actin, troponin, and desmin showed that differentiated cardiomy..

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