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Social and school connectedness in early secondary school as predictors of late teenage substance use, mental health, and academic outcomes.

Lyndal Bond, Helen Butler, Lyndal Thomas, John Carlin, Sara Glover, Glenn Bowes, George Patton

J Adolesc Health | Published : 2007


PURPOSE: To examine associations between social relationships and school engagement in early secondary school and mental health, substance use, and educational achievement 2-4 years later. METHODS: School-based longitudinal study of secondary school students, surveyed at school in Year 8 (13-14-years-old) and Year 10 (16-years-old), and 1-year post-secondary school. A total of 2678 Year 8 students (74%) participated in the first wave of data collection. For the school-based surveys, attrition was <10%. Seventy-one percent of the participating Year 8 students completed the post-secondary school survey. RESULTS: Having both good school and social connectedness in Year 8 was associated with the..

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