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Resource distribution influences mating system in the bobuck (Trichosurus cunninghami : Marsupialia)

Jennifer K Martin, Angus A Martin

OECOLOGIA | SPRINGER | Published : 2007


Mammalian mating systems are thought to be shaped by the spatial distribution and abundance of key resources, which in turn influence the spacing behaviour of individuals. In particular, female home range size is predicted to reflect the availability of key resources. We documented the availability and distribution of food and shelter resources for two neighbouring populations of bobucks, or mountain brushtail possums, Trichosurus cunninghami, that were characterised by different mating systems: our "forest population" was socially monogamous, whereas the "roadside population" was polygynous. Both silver wattle, Acacia dealbata, the main food resource for bobucks, and den-trees, which provid..

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