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Investigation and clinical application of a novel axial pattern flap for nasal and facial reconstruction in the dog

G Yates, B Landon, G Edwards



OBJECTIVE: To describe the vascular supply to a facial skin flap based at the commissure of the lip in the dog and report on its use in four dogs. STUDY DESIGN: Experimental and prospective clinical study. Animals Five canine cadavers and four client-owned dogs. METHODS: In the cadavers, the ventral aspect of the zygomatic arch, the ventral margin of the caudal mandible and the wing of the atlas were marked as anatomical boundaries of a skin flap that was elevated from the subcutaneous tissues to the level of the medial canthus of the eye. Methylene blue dye and barium sulphate solution were independently infused through a common carotid (three dogs) or facial artery (two dogs) catheter. Dis..

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