Journal article

Taenia serialis causing exophthalmos in a pet rabbit

A O'Reilly, C McCowan, C Hardman, R Stanley



A 16-month-old, male, neuter Dwarf Lop rabbit presented with exophthalmos of the right eye of 3 weeks duration. Under sedation an ultrasound of the right eye was performed and showed an orbital hypo-echoic area posterior and ventrolateral to the right globe, which was presumed to be a cyst. Fine needle aspirate removed 5.5 mLs of straw-colored fluid from the cyst, which allowed the globe to return to its normal position. Two months later the rabbit re-presented with exophthalmos of the right eye. Exploratory surgery was performed and a large cystic structure was removed from the ventro-lateral conjunctival fornix. Histology confirmed the cyst to be a coenurus of Taenia serialis.

University of Melbourne Researchers