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Mutations in the cofilin partner Aip1/Wdr1 cause autoinflammatory disease and macrothrombocytopenia

Benjamin T Kile, Athanasia D Panopoulos, Roslynn A Stirzaker, Douglas F Hacking, Lubna H Tahtamouni, Tracy A Willson, Lisa A Mielke, Katya J Henley, Jian-Guo Zhang, Ian P Wicks, William S Stevenson, Paquita Nurden, Stephanie S Watowich, Monica J Justice

BLOOD | AMER SOC HEMATOLOGY | Published : 2007


A pivotal mediator of actin dynamics is the protein cofilin, which promotes filament severing and depolymerization, facilitating the breakdown of existing filaments, and the enhancement of filament growth from newly created barbed ends. It does so in concert with actin interacting protein 1 (Aip1), which serves to accelerate cofilin's activity. While progress has been made in understanding its biochemical functions, the physiologic processes the cofilin/Aip1 complex regulates, particularly in higher organisms, are yet to be determined. We have generated an allelic series for WD40 repeat protein 1 (Wdr1), the mammalian homolog of Aip1, and report that reductions in Wdr1 function produce a dra..

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