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Primary visual cortex and memory - Retinal position specificity and lack of size constancy at early stages of learning a visual memory task in the macaque

I Pigarev, DK Chelvanayagam, J Cappello, TR Vidyasagar



Two monkeys were trained in a novel version of a delayed match-to-sample (DMS) task. They were required to fixate on a small spot at the center of the monitor and distinguish whether two gratings presented one after the other with delays up to 1.5 s in a specific visual field location were similar or not. It was found that such learning fails to transfer readily to other retinal locations. In fact, the learning was sensitive even to very small retinal displacements of the visual stimuli. Such acute retinal position specificity implies that at least a component of the learning in this particular memory task occurs at an early visual area such as the striate cortex, which has a fine-grain topo..

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