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A comparison of the effectiveness of open and closed endotracheal suction

Beverley Copnell, David G Tingay, Nicholas J Kiraly, Magdy Sourial, Michael J Gordon, John F Mills, Colin J Morley, Peter A Dargaville



OBJECTIVE: To compare the effectiveness of open and closed endotracheal suction in recovering thin and thick secretions in normal and injured lungs during conventional and high frequency ventilation. DESIGN AND SETTING: Randomised study in a paediatric intensive care model in the animal research laboratory of a tertiary paediatric hospital. SUBJECTS: 16 New Zealand White rabbits. INTERVENTIONS: Anaesthetised animals were intubated with a 3.5-mm endotracheal tube. Simulated thin and thick secretions (iopamidol 2 ml, a watery radio-opaque fluid, and fluorescent mucin 1 ml) were instilled in turn 1 cm below the tube tip through a catheter placed via a tracheostomy. Open or closed suction, rando..

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