Journal article

Quality of life after indefinite diversion/pouch excision in ileal pouch failure patients

P Das, JJ Smith, PP Tekkis, AG Heriot, M Antropoli, R John Nicholls



OBJECTIVE: Pouch failure occurs in up to 10% of patients over a 10-year period for a variety of reasons. One surgical option is pouch excision (PE) and form a permanent ileostomy. This is a major procedure with potential serious complications. An alternative is indefinite diversion (ID) of the pouch without excision. The aim of this study was to examine the quality of life and functional outcome in these two groups of patients. METHOD: Ninety-seven patients were identified from the database to have either PE or ID. Fifty-three patients (17 men) responded; comprising 31 patients after PE and 22 patients with ID in a case-control study and completed the SF-36 general health survey and the Clev..

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