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Arthralgias, bodily aches and pains and somatic complaints in midlife women: etiology, pathophysiology and differential diagnosis.

Jeanne Leventhal Alexander, Lorraine Dennerstein, Nancy Fugate Woods, Uriel Halbreich, Krista Kotz, Gregg Richardson, Alessandra Graziottin, Jeffrey J Sherman

Expert Rev Neurother | Published : 2007


Somatic symptoms characterized by arthralgias, bodily aches and pains, musculoskeletal pain and joint pain have been investigated in a number of menopause and depression studies. Although depression is one of the most common causes of bodily aches and pains, and arthralgias, these same symptoms are also commonly associated with a natural menopause, surgical menopause and menopause induced by chemotherapy in breast cancer treatment. Somatic symptoms in the absence of definitive medical diagnoses result in these patients receiving various diagnoses and labels--'medically unexplained symptoms', 'worried well', as well as various Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th edition..

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