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Assessment and treatment for insomnia and fatigue in the symptomatic menopausal woman with psychiatric comorbidity.

Jeanne Leventhal Alexander, Thomas Neylan, Krista Kotz, Lorraine Dennerstein, Gregg Richardson, Robert Rosenbaum

Expert Rev Neurother | Published : 2007


Studies and treatments for the symptomatic menopausal woman with sleep complaints have been reviewed elsewhere. This article, as part of the clinical review series on the comorbid symptomatic menopausal woman, aims to examine the evidence for diagnosis and treatment of women who present with distressing sleep symptoms that they attribute to menopause. The etiology of these symptoms may be a psychiatric disorder, a pre- or co-existing problem with sleep, or a dynamic interaction among one of these and/or a symptomatic menopause. The relationship between sleep disturbance and cognitive complaints, mood problems, fatigue and low energy will be reviewed. The new research on sleep, clinical conse..

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