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Morpho-molecular characterisation and epitypification of Colletotrichum capsici (Glomerellaceae, Sordariomycetes), the causative agent of anthracnose in chilli

Belle Damodara Shenoy, Rajesh Jeewon, Wing Hon Lam, Darbhe Jayararna Bhat, Po Po Than, Paul WJ Taylor, Kevin D Hyde



Colletotrichum capsici is an economically important anamorphic taxon that causes anthracnose in chilli (Capsicum annuum, C. frutescens). Vermicularia capsici (= Colletotrichum capsici) deposited by H. Sydow in S was not designated as a holotype in the protologue and is, therefore, designated as the lectotype in this paper. The specimen is in relatively good condition, but could not provide viable cultures necessary to obtain DNA sequence data. Fresh specimens of this species were, therefore, collected from chilli fruit (Capsicum frutescens) in the proximity of the original location. Morphological characters of the fresh specimens are compared with those of the lectotype. The taxon is redescr..

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