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Multiobjective differential evolution for workflow execution on grids

AKMKA Talukder, M Kirley, R Buyya

Proceedings - IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Grid Computing | Published : 2007


Most algorithms developed for scheduling applications on global Grids focus on a single Quality of Service (QoS) parameter such as execution time, cost or total data transmission time. However, if we consider more than one QoS parameter (eg. execution cost and time may be in conflict) then the problem becomes more challenging. To handle such scenarios, it is convenient to use heuristics rather than a deterministic algorithm. In this paper we have proposed a workflow execution planning approach using Multiobjective Differential Evolution (MODE). Our goal was to generate a set of trade-off schedules according to two user specified QoS requirements (time and cost). The alternative tradeoff solu..

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