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Moderate alcohol consumption contributes to women's well-being through the menopausal transition

R Alati, N Dunn, DM Purdie, AM Roche, L Dennerstein, SJ Darlington, JR Guthrie, AC Green



OBJECTIVES: To examine the association of alcohol consumption with well-being in mid-aged Australian women, taking into account other lifestyle factors. METHODS: A prospective, observational study was carried out among 438 urban Australian women aged 45-55 years at baseline. They were assessed annually for 8 years using a questionnaire on health and lifestyle, including self-ratings of well-being and daily 'hassles'. Statistical analyses were performed using cluster and repeated measures analyses. RESULTS: About 80% of the women had consumed alcohol in the week preceding the interview. Alcohol intake was weakly associated with well-being overall (p = 0.094). Women who consumed alcohol at mod..

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